Signing Agent- 

Real Estate Closings

Do you need a Certified Signing Agent?

We handle all types of real estate closings. 

1 – Cash Real Estate Deals and Seller Packages

The time of the appointment is usually not flexible, but the package is only about 20 pages and one or two notarial acts.  You will probably have to fax back the documents immediately.


2 – Loan Modifications

There are about 35 – 40 pages in a loan modification package.  


3 – Refinance Loan

The size of the package runs about 125 – 200 pages.  There are usually 8 to 12 notarial acts required. .


4 – Purchase Loan

There are usually 125 – 200 pages involved in a purchase if there is a loan.  There will be about 10 – 15 documents to notarize . Having to scan back several documents ASAP after completing the appointment is not uncommon.


5 – Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Most states’ these loan types seem to run from 125 – 150 pages with 15 – 20 notarial acts on average.    

6 – Piggy Back Loans

Some assignments come with two loans.  These are called “Piggy Backs.”  One loan covers 80% of the amount needed, and the other loan is smaller and quicker to pay off. It is about 20% of the loan. 

The two loans may come from different lenders. There will probably be two sets of 150 – 200 pages. The number of notarial acts will run about the same as in other loans—10 to 20 in each set of documents.

Scanning back is almost guaranteed.


7 – Reverse Mortgage Loans

These are large loan packages.  The page count is 200 to 250.  Reverse mortgage borrowers must receive a certain number of hours of counseling on the loan features and ramifications.  Scanning back is possible.


8 – Commercial Loans

Commercial  loans come in many different types:  construction, interim, purchase, equity, refinance, renewal and extension, to name a few. The packages run from large to very large (150 to 500 pages).  You may have 50 or more documents to notarize.