Registered Agent

A registered agent is an individual resident or a registered business that accepts service of process and official notifications (such as annual report notices from the Secretary of State) on behalf of clients. 

We are official registered agents for SC and NC

North Carolina law requires every business entity to designate a North Carolina registered agent. A registered agent must maintain a physical address within the state and keep regular business hours.


Registered Agent- $125/ Year

Employer ID Number- $50/ paid once

State Fees for Incorporations- Vary for each state

Website & Domain


Business Merchandise- Business cards and document letterheads for your business

Why Do I Need a NC Registered Agent?

Every legitimate business entity, both domestic and foreign, is required by law to maintain a registered agent and registered office in order to do business in North Carolina. A registered agent must be designated when you file formation or registration documents with the Secretary of State. Businesses that do not appoint an agent will have their filings rejected.

The Secretary of State enforces this requirement in order to have a reliable contact for every legitimate business operating within the state.

What Do North Carolina Registered Agents Do?

To be a registered agent in NC, you have to:

Be a resident or a company that provides registered agent services.

Have a registered office address that is a physical address located within the State of North Carolina.

Accept legal documents on behalf of the business.

In other words, your registered agent’s address acts as the official place where any service of process and official mail for your NC LLC, NC Corporation or NC Non-Profit will be sent (this does not include regular business mail).

Can I Have My Business’s Mail Delivered To Your North Carolina Office?

We don’t want ALL of your business mail. It’s not what we do. And it wouldn’t serve you well. You wouldn’t have unique address or suite number. Any mail we receive on your behalf would come to BossLady Corporate Services LLC Registered Agent, care of you.

But we understand that businesses and clients sometimes reach out to you through your registered agent. Through us. That’s why we give you 3 FREE scans of regular business mail a year. You can request any additional documents to be forwarded at a per document rate of $15.

Do I Hire A Registered Agent Before Or After I Start My Business In North Carolina?

Always hire a registered agent before you do the business registration filing. This is true for domestic and foreign business in North Carolina. You can’t registered with the NC Secretary of State if you do not list a registered agent. 

How To Order North Carolina Registered Agent Service:

$125 per year


Step One- You sign up online, clicking on one of the buttons or links that says “HIRE US.”

Step Two-We collect the first year of the registered agent service fee up front.

Step Three- For new businesses, we’ll become your North Carolina registered agent service once your business registration filing with the North Carolina Secretary of State is complete.

Step Four- About a year later, we’ll send you an invoice for another year of NC registered agent service. If you want to keep using us, great; if you don’t, you can easily cancel

We immediately scan your documents into your online account and contact you 

What You Get for $125 Per Year:

When you form a corporation or LLC in North Carolina, you are required by law to appoint a registered agent. A registered agent accepts service of process (notice of a lawsuit) on behalf of your business, as well as other legal correspondence and official state notifications. When these documents are accepted on your behalf, they are forwarded to you in a timely manner.

Our North Carolina registered agent service helps domestic and foreign businesses maintain their good standing with the Secretary of State. By providing compliance monitoring, we help ensure that all of our clients continue to do business in North Carolina.

Information Your NC Registered Agent Should Help You Understand:

How Do I Change My North Carolina Registered Agent?

There are two ways to change your Registered Agent in NC